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Penwell's story is Kathy Harvey's Story

Penwell Safaris is the happy result of over 30 years of visiting East Africa over and over and over again—31 times and counting!


We are a female owned and operated boutique travel consultancy based out of Maryland that specializes in East African safaris. Penwell Safaris is not a typical travel or booking agency - we send our guests exclusively to lodges and camps that we have personally vetted and with whom we have built trusting relationships.


When you work with us, we support you from the moment you book until you return home. Penwell Safaris offers hand crafted itineraries, personalized travel documents and a pre-departure call to review trip details and answer any final questions before saying safari njema!

Kathy has spent the past 30 years traveling to Africa, exploring the land, meeting the local people, and forging relationships with trusted industry partners. Thanks to these long-standing relationships, Penwell Safaris receives excellent rates with a variety of partners across East Africa. Therefore, our clients will receive a competitive and an expertly crafted itinerary with Penwell Safaris signature service.

I’m Kathy Harvey. For the past three decades, I’ve thrown myself into group tours and private trips, settled into luxury lodges and spartan camps alike, and befriended every vibrant soul who made those experiences unforgettable. I joined in impromptu bush dance parties with the Maasai, sang with guides and staff, sipped sundowners at watering holes beside guzzling elephants, and cackled like a hyena all the while. After all those years of adventurous research and campfire networking, I started sending my friends off overseas to visit my favorite people—my extended African family, who are always quick with a laugh and for whom first-rate hospitality is second nature.


My longtime partner-in-safari, Tracey—queen of logistics, trip detailer, and “Mama Simba” to camp staff—joined up to tighten all the nuts and bolts of Penwell, and we’ve been off and running since.

Together, we design custom safari trips from the ground up and run them with every detail made perfect for you. When I map out a personalized itinerary for you and your companions, I’ll be matching you to places I know by heart, colleagues I’m proud to call friends, and experiences that I still tell stories about. Let us show you how incredible, transformative, and just plain fun safari can be.

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