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"We absolutely recommend Penwell African Safaris. Kathy has a depth of knowledge unusual in travel agencies from her many years of African travels." 


"Our trip was tailored to us.  We opted for several safari locations chosen together with Penwell.  Kathy and Tracey listened to our interests and exceeded our expectations in each regard.  The significance of their  personal knowledge of each camp, its staff, and expert level safari guides cannot be overstated.  Camp staff was welcoming and professional.  Their gracious hospitality invites one to love Africa.  

Wondering about our safari?  Of course we saw the Big Five, but so much more. Our photos of lions, leopards, and cheetahs so close to our vehicle that friends at home gasp in fear.  An elephant brushed the rear of our open safari vehicle as he sauntered by.  We were a car length from a lioness nursing three cubs.  We quietly followed a momma cheetah and two cubs as they walked the Sarengeti plain.  We stood so close to giraffes at the historic Leakey camp in Olduvai that I almost forgot they were wild animals.  There were beautiful birds, flamingos, storks, hippos, crocs. and wildebeests crossing the Mara, and more... so much more.  We will never forget this trip!"
- Michael and Linda, October 2022

"We traveled to Africa in August and visited Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania.

The tours were very well organized and could not have asked for a better experience or accommodations. Every guide and driver we had were knowledgeable, personable, and funny. They really wanted you to have the best Safari experience possible. In Uganda, it was such a great experience to see the gorillas in the rain forest. It was a hard trek but totally worth the experience. We got to see so much wildlife in Tanzania (lions, zebra, cape buffalo, hyena, jackals, cheetah, elephant and so much more), but most importantly we were lucky to see 5 Wildebeest migrations across the river!

We were really impressed with the food offerings and the chef at each camp was sensitive to the dietary needs of our party (vegetarian for one traveler and lactose sensitivity to another). From the early morning game drives and morning tea in the bush, to afternoon lunches at the camps, to beautiful sundowners in the evening, and delicious dinners we felt catered to at every stop. The staff at each camp was amazing! We look forward to our next trip over to Africa!"


"The trip itinerary that Penwell Safaris put together for me was the perfect balance of cultural and environmental explorations.

Each camp I stayed in, from the Ngorongoro Crater to Central and Southern Serengeti, to the island of Rubondo, had a team of knowledgeable and friendly staff who celebrated the natural beauty of their surroundings. Their love and respect for their country inspired me to take in every moment with complete awe and appreciation for the diverse, intelligent ecosystems and majestic wildlife that thrived in the Bowl of Plenty and endless plains of the bush. Driving through thousands of wildebeests and zebras while they fed on grass and instinctively migrated through the great Serengeti was an overwhelming sight to behold with muffled sounds of hoofs and grunts, yet deeply peaceful at the same time. It sometimes took my breath away. Even the industrious dung beetles rolling their dung balls were as exciting to observe as the the big five and scavenging hyenas. But the strikingly beautiful faces and welcoming attitude of the Tanzanian people were the icing on the cake. Pure joy and a sense of belonging came through every “Mambo” greeting they shared with each other and with us as we wandered through their vast, abundant land. My trip was a life-affirming adventure that I would recommend to anyone. And I plan to go back for more!"


"I could not describe how magnificent my experience was on a 10 day safari through the Serengeti with Kathy.

Of all of my world travels, this was the most memorable trip. From sundowners on top of beautiful rock structures, to an extraordinary lakeside breakfast watching the sunrise to the thrill of watching a cheetah hunt and kill. Every moment of the trip was memorable. Kathy brings a breadth of experience and opportunity that few other African safari companies can provide. I cannot plan my next trip soon enough! Happy Travels! Asante."


"I met Kathy back in the late 1980s. One day 5 friends began talking about taking a trip together and Kathy mentioned Africa.  How could anyone say “no” to tagging along with Kathy, since she was/is a world traveler and traveled to Africa tons of times.  Kathy said she loved planning the trip and managed it all, from phone calls and tons of emails.  She asked us if we wanted to rough it, go glamping or a bit of both.  She arranged the entire trip and Oh Em Gee, WOW!! That was THE trip of a lifetime! We traveled to Arusha, where we met up with THE BEST safari guide (father, brother & uncle) there is, Jadim George Luangila.  This was an amazing trip filled with wonderful people, 100% white glove customer care, the most beautiful animal kingdom you will ever witness, along with the most gorgeous night skies. When you get that desire to travel to Africa, it’s a MUST you call Kathy Harvey!"


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