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There are boundless possibilities and awesome potential for an African safari: where do we even begin?


Penwell safaris are different because I’ve been through every element of the trips I plan—I’ve fly-camped in the bush and luxuriated at the boutique lodges, snorkeled the lakes and chased the wildebeest, soared and toured with dozens of guides and made friends with the best of them. Our trips give you safari at its best, all tailored for you. Here’s what that means:

  • Luxury camps with all the bells and whistles, fly-camp experiences with serene simplicity, and creature comforts included at every stop.

  • Highly skilled, extensively trained guides. Professionals who not only know the animals by name, but also where they are and what they’re up to—who’s resting after a meal, which hunters are out on the prowl, where the flocks are flocking, and when the migrations are happening.

  • Safari vehicles with a cooler of cold water, various libations, snacks, electric for charging phones and cameras, and guidebooks—the works. And your knowledgeable driver, of course.

  • Seamless connections between camps and excursions, from thrilling bush flights to adventurous jeep treks. Tours that take you away from the tourist crowds and into the most opportune spots—whether it’s for amazing animal encounters, choice photography vistas, or drinks and dining in the wild savannas.

  • Chefs known for delicious meals at camp and amazing feasts for special occasions out in the bush, and bartenders who know how and where to shake up the perfect sundowner—all included.


Responsible and Sustainable Safaris


We think that doing safaris responsibly and sustainably is all about doing right by the things that you love. Strengthening ties to nearby communities and supporting local economies provides long-term assurance that the ecosystems will prosper. And so our partners promote scholarship funds and micro-financing for villagers in need, engage children in on-site day camps, and coordinate local clean-up and conservation projects.

When you’re out in the bush with our guides, you’ll be side-by-side with people who love the land and animals as much as we do—and who possess an almost innate knowledge of both. Whether by foot or wheel, our guides know how to encounter without interrupting, how to explore without destroying, and how to party without leaving a mess for the hyenas to clean up.

In the end, it means you get to relax. However you travel with Penwell, you’ll rest easy knowing that your journeys support the efforts of those committed to keeping Africa incredible. We’ve always thought about it as looking out for each other, and taking care of the things we treasure. There’s nothing more sustainable than that.

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